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  • Hospital Central O2 and Medical Gases Supply System

    The system consists of onsite medical oxygen generator, central medical gases pipe lines system, medical compressed air system, Vacuum system, Accessories etc.

  • Proven Applications of Industrial O2

    CANGAS® Excellent Onsite O2 Production Solutions-----Serve Applications that Range from Medical Oxygen Supply 
    and Ozone Generation, to Metal Cutting & Welding, fish farm…...

  • Proven Applications for N2

    CANGAS® Excellent Onsite N2 production Solutions-----Serve Applications that Range from Petrochemical, Oil 
    and Gas Industry, to Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage…..

  • Healthcare Application

    With cutting-edge technology and time-proven quality, CANGAS® professional O2 system is widely 
    used for healthcare application.

  • Scientific Application

    The CALA series nitrogen generator can exactly match the needs of applications including LCMS, GC, ICP, ELSD / 
    CAD detector, Circular Diachronic and Sample Evaporation.